Partner Practioners

Collaboration and dialogue with the theatre industry is central to our research. We are working with a number of practitioners, whose involvement continues to be invaluable.

Tanika Lay-Meachen (Assistant Director) is a 2020 graduate from the University of York’s Department of Theatre Film Television and Interactive Media. Tanika joined the Shakespeare’s Rivals team after her online theatre debut directing four monologues, which she adapted from David Greig’s Midsummer, a play with songs in June 2020. In 2019 Tanika co-directed York-based theatre company One Foot’s debut production Words as Bullets, as well as having written, directed and adapted various dramatic productions independently. Tanika intends to continue creating theatre in an online format for the foreseeable future – not only for obvious reasons, but because her main interests lie in the creation of contemporary UK theatre and performance art, which extends to the development of fun, experimental and accessible art and festivities, now being made available via online platforms.